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About Us

About Us

Whitelotus Industries Limited are manufacturers and exporters of Multicolour Flexible Laminates and engaged in the business of customized total flexible packaging solutions.

Our product includes Packaging pouches, laminated packaging films including lamination and Printed multi layered substrates. We offer customized and non-rigid Packaging bags, Pouches and Films, which are used for different type of products. Some of the products used for storage include Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Fasteners, Beverages and FMCG products. We can supply Polyester, BOPP, LDPE, Aluminium etc. Laminates, Printed film and Pouches up to 9 Colour printing.

Our Company also offers a wide range of Zari grade Multicolour Metallised Lacquer DG Film.

From our corporate office Surat and plant in Palsana, Surat (Gujarat) India, we are well placed to serve existing as well as new customers.

We are NS-EN ISO 9001:2008 approved and we have a fully equipped Quality Assurance lab in-house to assure that our products meet the most rigorous quality standards.

We believe that better packaging helps deliver a better and safe product to the customer. We Endeavour to develop cost effective total packaging solutions focused on customer requirements.

"We build lifetime relationships with our customers by synergizing with them to help them excel in their core competence"


Our vision is, to eventually emerge as a World Leader in providing total Flexible Packaging Solutions; we need a Customer Focused Approach.


To use our creativity and aesthetic potential in providing flexible packaging solutions that makes packaging easier, faster and more efficient and user friendly.


Whitelotus Industries Limited has its manufacturing plant located at Palsana, about 25 kms from Surat. Our Company is well equipped with skilled and experienced manpower.

  • One number, 9 (Nine) Colour Gravure Printing Machine UTECHO ITALY MAKE with Auto Registration, viscomax and ink conditioning and web viewing equipment.
  • One Number 8 (Eight) Colour Gravure Printing Machine INDIAN MAKE.
  • One Number 7 (Seven) Colour Gravure Printing Machine INDIAN MAKE.
  • One Number Solvent Less Lamination Machine UTECHO ITALY MAKE.
  • One Number Solvent Less Lamination Machine NORD MECCANICA ITALY MAKE.
  • One Number Solvent Base Lamination Machine UTECHO ITALY MAKE.
  • Five Number Slitting Machines ITALY MAKE.
  • One Number GALAXY Automatic Stand-up Pouch making machine with D- Punch, Round Punch, D-Cut, Euro Punch, Zipper and Spout.

  • One Number High Speed Vacuum Metallizing Plant German Make, (expected by middle of 2018) and other balancing equipments.
  • Hot-melt Coating/Waxing Machine for Soap wrapper, toffee, bubblegum, etc.
  • Two Number, 3 (three) Layer Poly Blown film Plant with total 250 tons per month capacity.
  • Four Number Side seal and Central seal pouch making machine.
  • One Number MAMTA Standy Pouch making Machine.
  • One Number Rewinding Machine.
  • Two Number Inspection Machine.
  • One Number, Double side D.G. Coating Machine.
  • Two Number, Single side D.G. Coating Machine.